Consider Your Week Planned: October 19–25

Monday, October 19, 2020
From elevated street food to kid- and animal-friendly Halloween events, we've planned the perfect week for you.
Monday, October 19
Guokui, a traditional Chinese flatbread, takes center stage at Crop Circle, a new eatery that's putting a modern twist on the tasty street-food dish.
weekly events NYC October 19–25 2020 Photo courtesy of Crop Circle/Facebook
Tuesday, October 20
Tune into House of Speakeasy’s Seriously Entertaining series, a monthly show of literary cabarets where authors are invited to "riff and ruminate informally, dinner-theater style" on the night’s topic.
Wednesday, October 21
This year Hudson River Park has been the urban oasis New Yorkers desperately needed during a time of worry and isolation. Tonight show your thanks during this at-home celebration.
Photo courtesy of Hudson River Park
Thursday, October 22
Host Jude Treder-Wolff gets down to the real talk on the new livestreaming series Totally True Things: A Socially Conscious Storytelling Show.
weekly events NYC October 19–25 2020 Photo by Cait Reilly/Courtesy of Lifestage
Friday, October 23
Dress in your animal costume best at the Bronx Zoo’s annual family-friendly Halloween celebration!
Photo by Jeremy McKnight/Unsplash
Saturday, October 24
Today runners will take their places at the starting line in Central Park at the unofficial Black Lives Matter Marathon, with donations directly supporting NAACP Empowerment Programs.
Sunday, October 25
Cheer on the New York Jets during this weekend's Live Sports in the Backyard screening series at Hudson Yards.
Photo by Sayaka Ueno

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