Consider Your Week Planned: August 24–30

Monday, August 24, 2020
Whether you’re in or out of the house, New York City always has something for you to do!
Monday, August 24
Can you think of a better way to start your week than with a relaxing socially distanced sunrise yoga class?
Tuesday, August 25
Join Talea Ensemble member and skilled percussionist Matthew Gold in a discussion about 21st-century American and European music.
weekly events NYC August 24–30 2020 Photo courtesy of Matthew Gold/Facebook
Wednesday, August 26
Authors Patience Agbabi and Ben Miller discuss time travel and their new novels at this special Edinburgh International Book Festival event.
Thursday, August 27
Tonight Syndicated Brooklyn's Sidewalk Cinema program presents The Fight, a documentary about ACLU lawyers and the legal battles they've faced during the Trump administration.
Friday, August 28
Stroll through Heather Garden in Fort Tryon Park for gorgeous views of colorful perennials and the Hudson River.
weekly events NYC August 24–30 2020 Photo courtesy of Fort Tryon Park Trust/Facebook
Saturday, August 29
NYU School of Professional Studies professor Rena Tobey gives her students a unique look at New York City through the work of America's influential artists during her free online classes.
Sunday, August 30
The Metropolitan Museum of Art reopens to the public this weekend, so you can finally get your eyes on its most popular exhibitions.
weekly events NYC August 24–30 2020 Photo courtesy of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York/Facebook

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