This Immersive Nightclub Musical Is the Pride Party of the Year!

Tuesday, June 11, 2019
Sure, the Pride March on June 30 is going to be an epic and important celebration of love, community, and progress. Indeed, with the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall riots happening this year, Pride 2019 may just be the epic-est Pride of all. But for all-out joyous reveling in all things gay (and glitter!), our bet for best Pride party this month is the immersive dance musical OSCAR at The Crown. The show is staged at Brooklyn's massive new gay bar, 3 Dollar Bill, which is exciting in itself. But when the performers from the Neon Coven fill it with their brash energy, it becomes another world. OK, yes, that world is an apocalyptic fascist one in which queer outcasts are living in an underground bunker, but man, do they have fun down there! The action takes place in various pockets of the bar’s large dance floor, a format that may remind you of immersive nightclub shows like Woodshed Collective’s KPOP, which played in New York in fall 2017, and The Donkey Show, still running weekly in Boston. In fact, behind OSCAR at The Crown ensemble is co-creator (and Donkey Show alum) Mark Mauriello and director Shira Milikowsky, who brings some of that show’s unique 360-degree staging here. Ballroom drag–type choreography and fast-paced campy music and lyrics—which are heavy on pop culture references from the early aughts, including The O.C. and Real Housewives—drive the performance forward in a way that makes you forget you're at a show at all. Alcohol helps, too.
oscar at the crown Photo by Santiago Felipe/Courtesy of OSCAR at The Crown
Immersive theater in NYC has not yet, surprisingly, found its big gay hit. Given the climate, you’d think there would be several by now, but few have broken through. Yes, you can try to find LGBTQ romance and 1:1 moments in the rooms of Sleep No More, or you can take in some high-camp interactivity at a show like Drunk Shakespeare, but so far OSCAR at The Crown seems to be the sole heir of "queer immersive." We'll cheers to that! Why You Should Go: For an immersive Pride party performance that will have you feeling the love. Details: OSCAR at The Crown 3 Dollar Bill 260 Meserole Street, East Williamsburg Through Sunday, August 25 Tickets start at $35

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