Now You Can Finally Have Dinner in a Giant Igloo-Shaped Terrarium

Wednesday, February 26, 2020
Have you ever wanted to have dinner in a giant igloo-shaped terrarium? Dinner With a View is a pop-up dining experience like you’ve never seen before—part Dîner en Blanc and part Frozen, it’s a roving series held in temperature-controlled igloos in various cities across the continent, and after sold-out stints in Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, and San Diego, among other metropolises, all eyes are on the upcoming Chicago outing this spring.
Photo courtesy of Roth Media/Dinner With a View
Taking place at Pioneer Court, April 1–May 10, Dinner With a View is a quasi-alfresco dinner experience with menus curated by celebrity chefs and seating inside translucent geodesic domes that have been outfitted to resemble giant terrariums. The idea is to highlight the flora and fauna of different landscapes across the planet, juxtaposing this makeshift scenery against a bustling urban backdrop like downtown Chicago.
Photo courtesy of Dinner With a View Toronto
Altogether, there are 35 decked-out dining domes, each one with different design themes influenced by landscapes like tundras, rain forests, grasslands, deserts, and boreal forests. It’s undoubtedly a surreal, transportive locale for a meal, which consists of three courses of locally sourced cuisine. Options for tasting menus are meat, fish, or vegan, but each dish is a surprise orchestrated by the chef. A full drinks menu is also available. Dome reservations, which are expected to sell out quickly, go for $199.99, in addition to $109.99 per person for dinner, and there’s a minimum of four guests required. Tickets go on sale February 27. For more information and reservations, visit here.