ICYMI: Nitehawk! Momofuku! Tonnel!

Friday, December 21, 2018
’Tis the season to appreciate all of the wonderful people in our lives, including Dr. Frasier Crane if you're one lucky bookstore in Williamsburg. Can we all please Photoshop beloved sitcom characters into our offices on Google Maps? (If so, we call dibs on Jim Halpert.) It would be a Christmas miracle! And speaking of miracles, here are some other nearly miraculous stories from another busy week:

Nighthawks, Rejoice

Williamsburg fave and dine-in theater Nitehawk Cinema has just opened a new location in Park Slope. Catch a classic like Scrooged or Eyes Wide Shut this holiday season and have someone deliver foie gras to your seat. This is the kind of business that could only survive the onslaught of corporatization in a magical place like Brooklyn.
new york city culture news december 21 Photo by Sakeenah Saleem/Courtesy of Nighthawk Cinema

Cuomo’s Cannabis

You might have already noticed the rise of CBD-infused products popping up around New York. Governor Cuomo has recently upped the ante by insisting he wants to implement a statewide legalization of marijuana—in all its forms—in the coming year. Tax revenue collected could be enough to fix a lot of issues surrounding public infrastructure. We can only imagine what kind of artisanal dispensaries will appear in the not-so-distant future.

Mmmilk Bar

Momofuku just opened its 10th—count 'em, 10!—location in the city, this time near Union Square. We're already huge fans of David Chang and Milk Bar's Christina Tosi. The latest spot will be housed inside a new experiential store called Camp (if that isn't the most 2018 sentence you've heard…). There are too many good treats around New York, it's true. Still, we're already salivating over new menu items, including the s'more sundae.
new york city culture news december 21 Photo courtesy of Milk Bar

Tonnel Vision

The Holland Tunnel, a much maligned piece of infrastructure that many a New Jersey commuter must pass through in order to reach Manhattan, has become a seasonal nightmare this year for anyone with even the slightest obsessive compulsive tendencies (or honestly, anyone who values comprehensive design). Poorly placed wreaths on signage caused it to appear as the "Holaad Tonnel." One determined driver found this so odious that he created a (hilarious but deadly serious) petition, which gained enough traction to catch the Port Authority's attention. The wreaths have finally been adjusted by popular demand. Now we can get back to our more serious transit concerns!

Bronx Books

After concerns over their diminishing role in these modern times, libraries are having a renaissance as thriving community centers. The new children's library at the Concourse House in the Bronx is no exception, offering itself as a space for women and children who are transitioning out of homelessness. Built by a Manhattan-based design studio, the library will be both an invaluable place for people in need and another beautiful feat of architecture.
new york city culture news december 21 Photo courtesy of MKCA/Facebook

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