Celebrate Nurses, Puerto Rico, and the Night Sky at These Upcoming Art Events

Thursday, March 12, 2020
Coming up in Chicago, the local art scene comes alive with an exhibition illuminating the night sky, tunes in with a sound artist, and checks out artwork highlighting the dedicated work of nurses.
Candida Alvarez,
Estoy Bien, From Air Paintings (2017–2019), 2017.
Latex ink, acrylic, and enamel on PVC mesh with aluminum
77 x 135 x 26 inches.
(side one). Photo courtesy of the artist and Monique Meloche Gallery, Chicago.
"Imagining the Cosmos" at Fermilab Art Gallery Eric Coles and Martin Murphy, who are both scientists and artists, exhibit their photographs of the night sky in this show. Take in expansive views rarely possible to see in light-polluted Chicago, from distant supernovas to star-studded scenes. Details: March 20 "Nature of Reality" at 4Art Space This group exhibition takes on an eternal, philosophical question: What is the nature of our reality? With more than three dozen artists from a range of backgrounds participating, you’ll likely find yourself leaving with more existential questions than comfortable answers. Details: March 20 "Estoy Bien" at Monique Meloche Gallery Catch the tail end of this solo exhibition by renowned Chicago artist Candida Alvarez, known for her vibrant and hypnotic abstract paintings. Drawing on a tumultuous year that brought her both success and tribulations, the series of air paintings on view are double-sided, provoking new responses at every turn. Details: March 28 Soundwalk + Deep Listening Workshop at Chicago Artists Coalition Get in tune with your surroundings by deepening your sense of hearing. In this exercise led by sound artist Paige Naylor, participants will first experiment in a group with sound, before going on a walk to take in the sonic minutiae of the everyday environment. Details: March 29 "Temporal: Puerto Rican Resistance" at Museum of Contemporary Photography This exhibition examines Puerto Rico’s controversial status as a U.S. territory through rousing photographs by contemporary artists. Captured during and after the island’s devastation from Hurricane Maria, the images of street protests demand long-term change after enduring generations of colonialism and corruption. Details: April 2
Mari B. Robles López, Paro Nacional, Julio 24, 2019. Courtesy of the Museum of Contemporary Photography.
"Class of 2019" at National Museum of Mexican Art Get lost in the imaginations of young artists at this exhibition, which displays the creations of teens and young adults in Yollo Calli, an after-school art-making session. It’s self-described as “a collection of sad, weird work”—consider us incredibly intrigued. Details: April 3 "Nurses’ Relaxation and Renewal Through the Arts" at International Museum of Surgical Science It is a particularly timely moment to celebrate the work of our communities’ nurses, and this exhibition does so in its own therapeutic way. Enjoy the handiwork of RNs, nursing students, and nursing retirees, who contributed everything from the paintings to fiber arts to glasswork that have helped them unwind during their time off. Details: April 3 Christina Quarles at Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago If you aren’t familiar with Quarles, start paying attention to the Los Angeles–based artist. A masterful figurative painter, her canvases are saturated with elegantly distorted nude figures that appear to seep into one. Examples from the past three years come together in this solo, not-to-be-missed exhibition. Details: April 4 "Routine Maintenance" at Comfort Station Logan Square Ever wonder what a day in the life of an art handler or installation specialist is like? This exhibition of works by Andi Crist and JP Culligan draws on the duo's responsibilities and tasks from their essential yet essentially invisible jobs. See how they have transformed the tools and materials of exhibition making into art of their own. Details: April 4