The Best NYC Restaurants for Every Kind of Big Group

Thursday, November 14, 2019
Stuck being the dinner party planner yet again? We can take the grueling task off your hands. Here are the best places to go with any kind of crew.
Best for a Quadruple Date Night: The Fly in Bedford-Stuyvesant
Nothing says romance quite like lovebirds tearing into rotisserie chicken with their bare hands (or with a fork and knife, should you choose to be civil diners!). Bed-Stuy’s self-proclaimed “chicken bar with wine” serves a juicy family-style dinner for eight to 16 people and includes the works—potatoes in two forms (roasted fingerlings coated in chicken jus and french fries with a pungent garlic aioli), long-cooked greens, a classic salad, and a house-made white sauce tying it all together. Split a few bottles of natural wine to round things out. 549 Classon Avenue
Photo courtesy of the Fly
Best for Post-Work Hangs With Colleagues: Ainslie in Williamsburg
It’s no surprise that one of the coolest hangout spots in Williamsburg right now is a converted wire tubing warehouse. The Italian-style beer garden from veteran chef John DeLucie has large spaces downstairs (a beer bar connected to a large urban garden in the back), upstairs (a cozy, living room–style lounge on the mezzanine), and up-upstairs (a roof deck made for warm summer nights). The happy-hour situation, meanwhile, is also incredible for you and your coworkers—$6 wines! $7 pizzas! Meatballs for a dollar! 76 Ainslie Street
Best for DIY-ers: Grand Seoul on the Lower East Side
Control your own destiny—and cook your own food! This downtown alternative to the Koreatown scene offers many things you thought you’d only find on 32nd Street—tabletop grills, playful glowing Somaek Towers pouring soju-beer hybrids, family-size portions of pork shoulder and Wagyu. An affordable all-you-can-eat option (for only $35) and a private dining space for 20 to 40 people make this gem a no-brainer for hungry mobs. 85 Chrystie Street (between Grand and Hester Streets)
Photo courtesy of Grand Seoul/Facebook
Best for Recapping That Art Flick You Just Saw: Evil Twin Brewing in Ridgewood
The Denmark import’s bucolic greenhouse taproom recently opened and is just a quick trip from two of the city's best micro cinemas—Williamsburg's Nitehawk and Bushwick's Syndicated. It has several long communal tables made for you and all your hophead heathens—order a buffet of quirkily named beers (our recent faves include the New York–inspired Subway Showtime and Let’s Get Dinner in Times Square) and share your tasting notes along with a dissection of Noah Baumbach’s career. Skål! 1616 George Street
Best for Your Adventurous Foodie Friends: Jeepney in the East Village
Oooh, bae! This Filipino gastropub is home to one of the city’s only kamayan feasts, a communal-style, hands-on meal often served in the Southeast Asian country. A range of the Philippines's signature dishes is dramatically spread across your table atop banana leaves—from longganisa sausage, garlic rice, and adobo’ed proteins to fried tripe, bone marrow, and a whole spit-roasted lechon (pig) if you splurge. 201 First Avenue (between East 12th and 13th Streets)
Photo courtesy of Jeepney/Facebook
Best for Loud, Chatty Families: L&B Spumoni Gardens in Gravesend
Feeding anywhere from two to 200 people, L&B's semi-under-the-radar Chef’s Table is the red sauce family-style dinner of your dreams. From baked clams Casino and noodles in a rainbow of sauces to hefty roasted meats and a “legendary” dessert platter that's essentially an ice cream mountain, the pasta-bilities are endless inside the Greco-Roman dining room. 2725 86th Street
Photo courtesy of L&B Spumoni Gardens/Facebook
Best for Out-of-Towners Seeking a Quintessential NYC Meal: Fu Run Dong Bei in Flushing
When visitors ask where to go to experience the "real" New York (i.e., places where the locals hang out), direct them to the 7 train and send them to the end of the line. There you will find northern Chinese specialties like Muslim lamb chops and garlicky sliced pork belly served in gigantic portions for family-size groups—and there will somehow still be plenty for leftovers. Good luck figuring out who gets to take home said leftovers! 40-09 Prince Street
Best for Game-Day Shenanigans: Pig Beach in Gowanus
Fundays aren’t just for Sundays. This piggy Gowanus hang is perfectly suited to host game-day ragers for you and your closest comrades, from Monday Night Football (with dollar wings and macho nachos) to Saturday college games (with $5 sliders and beers). And for those loyal friends who couldn't care less about sports, cheap beer and shot combos at the bar will give them the liquid courage to last until the final score. 480 Union Street
Photo by Katie B. Foster/Courtesy of Pig Beach
Best for Going Absolutely H.A.M.: Churrascaria Plataforma in Hell’s Kitchen
The rodizio service at this Hell’s Kitchen Brazilian steakhouse is essentially an endurance test when it comes to the meat quantities you and your carnivorous friends can eat. Succulent proteins get carved off their skewers by dedicated passadores (aka meat cutters) right at your table—and, if you ask nicely, maybe directly into your mouth. (Usually this part involves flipping your table discus from green to red…kind of like a reverse traffic light!) An impressively sized salad buffet is also available to balance out the beef-to-beets ratio. 316 West 49th Street (between Eighth and Ninth Avenues)
Best for Budget-Conscious Buds: Lamalo in NoMad
Feast your eyes on this Middle Eastern legend! Costing only $25 per person, the ultimate move at this NoMad destination is the Daily Spread, a dizzying array (from a rotating list of 25 mezzes in all) of dips, spreads, and salad with a Jerusalem laffa bread as big as a child. P.S. The laffa is unlimited; take that, Olive Garden breadsticks! 11 East 31st Street (between Fifth and Madison Avenues)
lamalo restaurants for large groups Photo courtesy of Lamalo/Facebook
Best for Last-Minute Birthday Parties: Sek’end Sun in Astoria
We’ve got the perfect solution for those indecisive birthday boys and girls who can’t seem to stick a landing on their plans. Invite all your friends to this reliable Astoria hang, where the cocktails are cheap; the soundtrack is just right; the group rezzies are free; the Good Burger on the menu is, in fact, very good; and there’s tons of room for everyone who RSVP’d via group text. Oh, and have we mentioned the perfectly Instagrammable neon sign in the back? 32-11 Broadway
sek'end sun restaurants for large groups Photo courtesy of Sek’end Sun

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