Most Requested Immersive Theater in NYC

Thursday, February 22, 2018
An enduring trend in New York's vast live-entertainment galaxy is immersive theater. Ever since the 2011 hit Sleep No More allowed masked audiences to, essentially, “choose their own adventure,” theater and production companies have been trying to capture that same thrill of unpredictability and total involvement. What exactly is immersive theater? Any theatrical experience that breaks the barrier between spectator and performer and surrounds you in the drama qualifies. Some immersive shows create one-on-one moments for individual audience members in close quarters; others encourage you to get lost in a crowd wandering over large distances. And just like traditional theater, some performances are better than others at pulling the audience in. Which ones do the best job? Below, the What Should We Do?! experience advisers share the immersive productions requested by our members. These are the performances our clients are most excited to see, and the ones they ask for repeatedly. Not surprisingly, they are also the shows our experts highly recommend. Hurry to see them now, as some run only for the next several weeks!