Do Life Well: Arielle’s Perfect Day

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

I’m often asked why I started What Should We Do?! The short answer is: I LOVE New York City and I want to make it accessible for everyone.

I’ve lived here all my life, and yet I fall in love with it anew (almost) every day. My enthusiasm combined with my experience have made me the person my friends come to for suggestions on where to eat, what shows to see, or how to enjoy a perfect family day that's fun for everyone. I've always loved introducing my friends to new and unexpected things in New York, and now I'm getting to pursue that passion in a whole new way with What Should We Do?! arielle tepper madover nyc app But, obviously, I don’t know everything going on in this town—nobody ever could. So, I've been fortunate enough to partner with some of the best experts in the fields of theater, music, food, beauty and health, art, and more, who have helped me delve deep into this city's many treasures in ways I never have before. Meeting these amazing people, each with their own deep passion for, and knowledge of, this city's sprawling culture, has been endlessly rewarding, and helped me make What Should We Do?! a truly valuable and unique service.

arielle tepper madover nyc app

I am beyond excited to introduce our new app. It brings all our expert-curated recommendations to the palm of your hand, and makes it easier than ever to get in touch with our experience advisers. Creating our app was a true labor of love. I hope you'll download it (for free), and use it to discover  this amazing city of ours in new and exhilarating ways. To help introduce the app, my editors thought I should introduce myself and what I love to do in New York. I don’t love talking about myself (I prefer to read the interviews with our People Who Make NY Special), but I don’t mind sharing why I love NYC. What do you consider the best part about living in New York? Access to the best of everything: the most interesting and curious people, the most beautiful art, the most thought-provoking theater, the most delicious food, the coolest music…I can go on and on. What's your ideal day with your family in NYC? I’m lucky that I actually experience “ideal” days with my family regularly! First, I’d want my kids to let me sleep in (though that’s probably the tallest order of the day!), and then we’d have a late breakfast in the garden at Ladurée in Soho. Afterward, we’d wander around Soho for a while buying art and jewelry from street vendors. But then I’d want to head over to a neighborhood that we haven’t visited in a while and just explore. We often go to places like Chinatown, Park Slope, Tribeca, Astoria—anywhere that’s outside of our daily routine—to check out the restaurants, candy shops, stores, and sights there. For my perfect day, though, I’d probably choose Williamsburg. We’d stop by Brooklyn Charm to make our own jewelry; paint pottery at Baked In Brooklyn; shop at craft stores; and get ice cream at OddFellows. Back home, we’d work on an art project, and then go out to dinner at a Greek restaurant, maybe Avra Estiatoria for a little saganaki, steak, and fish. It’s a neighborhood spot but not a place we go every day, so it always feels special.

Want to try Ari’s day—or create one of your own? Get in touch with our experience advisers to plan your perfect afternoon or evening out. Or download our free iPhone app for on-the-go ideas!